In 2009 Leni took this picture of Jiri praying at the grave of one of the 17,000 soldiers who died during the June 6, 1944 liberation of Europe and were buried in Normandy.  To both of these writers, Islamo-Fascism is personal.                     

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                                                                                           Jiri and Leni Friedman Valenta

                                                                    First  Published on August 5, 2016

France 's President Hollande cried his country is at war as in 1940, following the Jihadist murder of a priest. 

A day before the July 17 opening of the Democratic Party convention, an 84-year old French Catholic Priest, Jacques Hamel, administering mass, was forced by two young jihadists to kneel before his altar. Then, yelling “Allah Akbar,” they slit his throat. While his blood dripped over the altar under the crucifix, his killers performed a ghoulish Islamist ritual in Arabic and made sure to capture the satanic sermon on film.

All this in serene St. Etienne-du Rouvray, Normandy, not far from the resting place of thousands of young American boys who sacrificed their lives in the daring, June 6, 1944, assault that launched the liberation of Europe. Without their sacrifice, and those of the Red Army in the East, one of these writers, born to a Jewish woman in Bohemia, would not be alive. 

 "France is at war," declared President Charles de Gaulle, speaking from London Exile to his occupied country in 1940. The brave general also reflected on the Nazi’s rule in Europe; the concentration camps being filled with resistance fighters, priests, ministers, Jews, Gypsies and the LBGT community.

Soon the Nazis would turn on their poison gas “showers,” the final solution for the Jews, designed and launched by Reinhardt Heydrich, reichprotektor of Bohemia and Moravia.  

"France is at war," echoed French President Francois Hollande in July, 2016, while looking at the bloodstains around the altar of the Normandy church.  Different war.  No panzers this time! Just dedicated and fanatic Islamic terrorists from the ranks of second generation Muslim immigrants and newly arriving Jihadists with a refugee deluge from Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and Pakistan. In this new war, infiltration to spread Islam is the declared policy of the Jihadists!  For more CLICK HERE

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Jiri Valenta and Leni Friedman Valenta

December 19-20, 1016

                                                  Unafraid, Bi-partisan; Uphold U.S. and Freedom

We can have all the firepower in the world, but the Islamic terrorists have several great advantages we lack. First they can easily infiltrate us, and chameleon-like, walk unrecognized among us, wreaking  havoc where they will. Meanwhile we cannot easily infiltrate them. We are fighting a new kind of war the old fashioned way and new tactics are needed. Secondly, they don’t mind dying to enter their mythical paradise of lusting virgins, whereas our will remains puzzled by what Shakespeare described as the threat of something after death; “the Undiscovered country from whose borne, no traveler returns.”    

Initiating several attacks globally and almost simultaneously, they need no special weapons, uniforms or even training. They can use whatever is at hand -- knives, axes, a heavy car or truck. Consider the killing of the Russian ambassador in Turkey by a former Turkish security guard. Previously fired for participating in an anti Erdogan coup, he was actually filmed cutting down his victim with bullets. “Allah Akbar.” “Do not forget Aleppo,” he also shouted, the new battle cry, reflecting the Jihadist resentment towards the Russians for protecting Syria’s dictator, Bashar al Assad.

Yet, also notice the brutal killing of the Russian ambassador to Turkey, a NATO ally, was not just punishment but also also aimed at Donald Trump’s incipient Doctrine to hopefully forge anti-jidadist limited partnership with Russia. This is well suggested by subsequent terrorists opening fire near the U.S. Embassy in Ankara.

Think about the use of a truck to kill at least a dozen innocent civilians in Berlin at a Christmas market, a repetition of what has happened earlier in Nice and most lately in Ohio. One of the  attackers was an asylum-seeker from Pakistan; another is still at large. The situation, in Germany, as described by our collaborator, Jake Neuman, is there are also many rapes of Christian women and acts of violence by the refugees that are not reported.

Mrs. Angela Merkel just revealed that one Berlin attacker was a refugee from Pakistan, but she’s the one who is responsible for taking a soft line towards the deluge of millions of refugees from countries engulfed in large-scale, Jihadist activities. Already the Muslim refugee deluge has weakened not just Merkel’s position as the leader of Germany, but the whole of Europe. Meanwhile, her inability to act as a powerful force to against the disintegration of the EU by the exits of other countries besides Great Britain, Italy and Spain, is also apparent. She has also lost any credibility to act as a deal-maker in resolving the Ukrainian crisis with Russia.

In the last week, other attacks have happened, one of them in the friendly, pro-western, Sunni nation of Jordan, where security officials were killed. A few days earlier something similar happened in Egypt. On the 19th came the attack on the Islamist, terrorist-ridden, failed state of Yemen. 50 people died And three three were killed in a Zurich mosque in Switzerland.

Meanwhile, recognize the political rift in America during the transition of power from Obama to Trump has weakened our own country. Well advertised by the American media, the many irresponsible comments, primarily by the defeated Democrats, but also some Republicans, has surely been noticed by our adversaries.
The Jihadists more than likely to take advantage of it by initiating further attacks on our homeland, and, as in Europe, this is very likely during Christmas-Hanukkah holidays. In pursuance of our war on Islamic terrorism, our leaders, present or retired, must avoid comments like Bill Clinton’s demeaning Trump’s victory. We all must follow the wise counsel of our strong Sunni ally, Jordanian king Abdullah on terrorism: “National unity is the strongest weapon in the anti-terror fight.”

Americans must finally come to understand that this war is not like the last one-- WWII. You don’t need German subs or radio signals or ships bringing terrorists to our shores. They are already here, many home-grown and recruited by the modern social medias. Notice that ISIS’ undefeated leadership is even using the media to provide instructions on how to attack us; for example by trucks.

Undermining Trump’s legitimacy as president also plays into the hands of our adversaries by suggesting to them that a divided and spiritually crippled nation cannot defend itself or be fully engaged in our role as the last guarantor of the global world order and western civilization.

As long as the wars for the Middle East continues, the jihadists will be metastasizing. The West must thus be prepared for a decade-long struggle. The Jihadists cannot be defeated, as Trump thinks, by one large offensive. Many will also try to infiltrate our government and must be weeded out. Americans, who, like Merkel, generously want to admit even unvetted Muslim immigrants, must be made aware of the difference between normal Islam and Sharia law, the Nazi-like, religious ideology that drives the acts of violence we have witnessed.

There is no time to argue that the building of the wall with Mexico is essential,. Recognizing infiltration as an ordained  practice by the Jihadists -- and it is-- we must shut off the main ingress into our country through our southern border. President Trump must better explain this is not Islamophobia but common sense.

We must also recognize that the anti-Assad rebels we have been arming in Syria are not necessarily “ours.” Many are Jihadists. Thus, rather than courting war with Russia, who protects Assad, we must aim for a much more refined limited anti-Islamist  partnership with the Russians, working on mutual resolution of the Syrian mess.

We must also embark on creative deal-making with the Kremlin, aimed at ending Ukraine crisis distracting NATO from the real threat to our civilization, the double-headed Hydra of Islamo-fascism, be it Sunni or Shiite, and nukes-hungry mullahs in Tehran. With our new team of experienced team of generals we must develop new strategies to defeat our enemies and support our beleaguered allies, both Muslim Jordan and Jewish Israel.

As in WWII, the major command could be upgraded and transferred from Tampa to the Middle East, perhaps to Jordan and for our new “Ike,” we should consider General David Petraeus, who along with our new Secretary of Defense, “Mad Dog” James Mattis, have the most experience in this line of work. Finally DJT must very soon elucidate in much more more refined and nuanced way than via twitter,  his new anti-Islamo-fascist Doctrine as FDR did as we entered World War II.  

Dr. Jiri Valenta and Leni Friedman Valenta are princpals at the research institute of post-communist conflicts and terrorism. Their website is jvlv.net.  Some of their views on building a Trump Doctrine have already been developed in their paper commissioned by the BESA Center for Strategic Studies at Bar Ilan University in Israel; “America and Russia; Towards a New Partnership?”




                                             PUBLISHED BY MISHPACHA MAGAZINE

                                        Jiri and Leni Friedman Valenta

                                                                        February 1, 2017

We just had our article defending Trump on immigration published by Mishpacha Magazine, an international weekly headed by Binyamin Rose in Israel.  This was published as a point-counterpoint.  For both sides, see http://www.mishpacha.com/Browse/Article/7193/Pro--Con-Immigration-Ban​

History Repeats Itself

“...Before we hopefully return Winston Churchill´s bust back to the Oval Office in 2016…” was how my wife, Leni, and I began our July 4, 2015, “Our Open Letter to Donald Trump.” Then, we surely belonged to a very tiny minority of observers who believed Trump had a prayer of becoming our president. But it happened, and Churchill’s bust, removed by Barack Obama, is back in the Oval Office. Moreover, Martin Luther King’s has not been removed, despite fallacious rumors to the contrary spread by the anti-Trump brigade.

Our airports are now flooded with anti-Trump demonstrators in the wake of his temporary ban on visas for citizens from states that are “hotbeds of terrorism.” Here it is essential to recall past history. To win the fight against Fascism and Communism, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Ronald Reagan had to first battle domestic opposition. Long before Pearl Harbor, FDR was besieged by the conservative wing of the GOP — then the “opposition party,” as Trump today calls the press. “The Statue of Liberty is weeping,” they cried, reviling him as a fear monger, posturer, dictator and destroyer of the American image.

Yet even before any declarations of war, FDR risked impeachment by ordering the US Navy to engage in anti-sub warfare (ASW) against German subs. He also initiated anti-Nazi immigration laws to prevent terrorist attacks and propaganda from coming to America.

Among the three “furies” of the then “opposition party” were newspaper moguls Robert R. McCormick and two Pattersons — Joe Albright’s grandfather and his sister, Cissy. The Pattersons owned America’s then most widely read newspaper, the New York Daily News.

By Joe Albright I refer to the ex-husband of our past Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright. Her father, the late professor Josef [Jozka] Korbel, a staunch Churchill supporter, was my mentor and friend from 1973 until his death in 1977. I bring this up because Madeleine Albright is one of the key inciters of the present airport crowd, which has also fed off the network of the post-inauguration march for women’s rights.

“I was raised Catholic, became Episcopalian and found out later my family was Jewish,” she proclaimed. “I stand ready to register as Muslim in solidarity.” Thus, on the eve of January 27, the day commemorating the Red Army’s liberation of Auschwitz, where some of both her and my relatives died, she declared her opposition to Trump’s temporary Muslim ban.

Aside from the fact that she is ready to change religions at the drop of an opportunity, Madeleine knew about her Jewish heritage long before 1997, when she supposedly “discovered” it with the help of her biographer, Michael Dobbs. Back in 1974, Jozka told me that Madeline knew she was Jewish.

Going back to FDR: After Pearl Harbor, he suspended naturalization proceedings for Axis country immigrants and required those present to register. Many have rightfully criticized his internment of Japanese Americans, yet certainly most of his measures were necessary. Following 9/11 and continued attacks on our homeland, Trump’s attempts to protect us are mild by comparison. The examples furnished by the Middle East immigration to Europe, as Trump has repeatedly said, demonstrate that the need for self-preservation must inevitably override some of our sacred ideals.

When political party roles reversed during the Cold War, Reagan, too was first labeled a warmonger and fear monger and vilified by an anti-Reagan brigade — this time it was the Democrats and segments of the U.S. press.

Now, yet another Democrat-turned Republican, Trump — facing Islamo-fascism, a new and deadly threat to America — is also staring down the descendants of the anti-FDR and anti-Reagan crowds.

In the 19th century, the Prussian statesman Otto Von Bismarck was known to have remarked, “There is a special Providence that protects drunkards, fools, children, idiots and the United States of America.” We do not consider Americans fools, but many of them have been again fooled, as in 1941 and 9/11. Yet, Providence has thus far given us Trump, and we hope for continued protection.

Dr. Jiri Valenta is a Czech-Jewish author and editor, and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. His wife, Leni Friedman Valenta is a graduate of Brandeis University and Yale. Their Institute of Post-Communist Studies and Terrorism can be reached at jvlv.net. They are working on Jiri’s memoir, “Are You Starting a Revolution Here?”


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 Editorial Note by Leni Friedman Valenta: 

In light of the brouhaha over the temporary Muslim ban imposed by President Trump, we make the following observation. There are two words Obama could not bring himself to say, “Radical Islam.” There are also two that Trump, for obvious reasons, cannot allow himself to presently say-- “Sharia law.”

In our view, the temporary ban was not meant just for potential terrorists. Though he cannot say it yet, we believe Trump hopes to somehow prevent a constitutional crisis here over the very definition of religion. Islam is a beautiful religion as practiced today by the majority of Muslims, but sharia law, a throwback to the 7th century, cannot and must not be permitted here. Like Nazi fascism, it is exactly what U.S. law is not. The reasons are made manifest by the personal testimony of analyst Jake Neuman, who lives in Germany.


   By Jake Neuman  


                                                                February 10, 2017             

Gone are the days of the German Oompah bands. The days are now long past that the music stopped. The rapid Jihad sweeping Germany culminated at New Years Eve celebrations in Stuttgart, Cologne and Hamburg. It manifested as Taharrush - the Arabic word for the phenomenon whereby women are encircled by groups of men and sexually harassed, assaulted, groped -- and even raped.

In Stuttgart, upwards of 1,000 drunk and aggressive Muslim men of Arab or North African appearance attacked German women in the train stations. German media and police, after much delay, were finally forced to report this horror because an incredible 516 women came forward to report it. (And how many didn’t, out of fear?) The scale of the attacks shocked Germany. City police chief Wolfgang Albers called it "a completely new dimension of crime."

Yet not one media outlet explained that under sharia law, kafir [infidel]women are granted by God to Muslim men as their sexual slaves and can be raped with impunity for their pleasure.  What happened in Germany is not a crime to a Muslim. Under Sharia law, rape is not just a holy act, it is ordained by Allah as a weapon of war!

 To understand Taharrush you must view this You Tube video on on the violence in Cologne, Germany: https://youtu.be/uepAJ6-GrrU

 Women were also targeted in Hamburg, But the Cologne assaults - near the city's iconic cathedral - were the most serious. There, under the eyes of more than 200 policemen, women were sexually and massively harassed by Arab invaders. A large number of young women were also attacked on the Reeperbahn. As in Cologne , the victims were encircled by a group of attackers who called them "sluts," groped their breasts and buttocks, and attacked them in their genital areas.  "The girls were like hunted animals," said a witness. Some, according to police, were saved by the bouncers of bars and clubs.

What is wrong with leaders like Germany’s Merkel, but also David Cameron? He too allows Muslim Jihadists into Britain who have raped and gang-raped tens of thousands of young girls. In Sweden rape is also a horrific problem. Incredibly, women in these three countries are being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. 

VERSE 33:50:  “O Prophet! surely We have made lawful to you your wives whom you have given their dowries, and those [slaves] whom your right hand possesses out of those whom Allah has given to you as prisoners of war….”.

The term "possessions of the right hand" means “slaves.” It is expressly stated that Muhammad's slaves are given to him by Allah himself to be taken out of his share of the captives in war. The above verse is only a few out of numerous such verses scattered throughout the Quran. (4.24, 4:3, 4:25, 23:1-6, 24:33, 70:22-30, 70: 29-35) Tell me, what could be more unethical than owning slaves and raping slave girls? Yet some Muslims living under Sharia, believe that God graciously allows them to do so.

In past centuries, having sex slaves was one of the main factors in the spread of Islam. Indeed it was a pillar of Islam! Having murdered the kafir woman’s man, a Muslim male could feel sanctioned by the law of God to complete her final humiliation; the domination of her body. Today, under Sharia in some countries, a raped Muslim woman must be able to provide four male witnesses who witnessed her being raped; otherwise she is accused of zina - unlawful sexual intercourse — and jailed as a result.

 Qur’an 24:4: “And those who accuse honorable women but bring not four witnesses, scourge them (with) eighty stripes and never (afterward) accept their testimony – They indeed are evil-doers”

 Can you tell us how a man whom Muslims claim was the apostle of God – the prophet of peace – was authorized by God – to own and rape slaves and allow their purchase sale, and sexual abuse? Yet where is the outrage against the purveyors of Nazi-like, horrific, Sharia law? Against the males who believe that rape is obeying the teachings and practices of Muhammad? Moreover, there is also a total correlation between the Quran and the Hadith, recording Muhammad’s acts. One is the mirror image of the other. 

As if these sexual outrages aren’t enough for one to stomach, the female Mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, blames the women, stating that they should have a code of conduct to prevent future assaults. They must be properly dressed, and keep themselves at arms length from strange men. As you will also read, in Vienna, the Mayor and Police Chief are calling on German women to obey Sharia law.

When Islam enters a country in force, the rights that citizens have fought for so long and so hard in the West are systematically destroyed. Our cities are now the playground of violent invaders and the women they attack are scarred with a lifelong trauma that they can never forget. And yet there are some leaders who call for accommodation to what should never, ever in the first place, be allowed

Welcome to the the new Germany, the multicultural, leftist Paradise!