Leni Friedman Valenta and Jiri Valenta

                                                                                          September 5, 2017

Every once in a while we read an article that we really want to share with other readers. Twice now it has happened with something published by the BESA [Begin-Sadat] Center for Strategic Studies at Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv, Israel. (For disclosure, our Institute of Post Communist Studies and Terrorism ( has also produced articles for BESA.)

Most recently, BESA ran an article, “ Israel is Real,” that has created a stir by dealing with historical criticism from within and without Israel. The article’s author, Dr. Jose V. Ciprot, a conflict specialist dealing with social systems and international politics, posits Israel as a country where every topic “continues to be thoroughly debated.”.Specifically, he refers to an archeologist Ze’ev Herzog who, “after 70 years of digging across the land of Israel,” concluded “that the Israelites were never in Egypt, had not wandered in the desert, and did not conquer the land in a military campaign to pass it on to the 12 tribes of Israel." Surprisingly, Christians and Muslims are more outraged with Dr. Ciprot than the Jews.

Despite addressing the possible inaccuracy of Biblical history, Ciprot nevertheless fully justifies the Jewish State of Israel and explains the numerous ways and methods in which those less open to self examination have denigrated the Jews and distorted history throughout the ages.

It’s a thoughtful piece and deserves to be read at


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                                       WHAT'S TRUMP'S GAME WITH RUSSIA?

                                                                An Article by Binyamin Rose Based on an  Interview of Dr. Jiri Valenta                                               
                                                                                         Posted December 18, 2016 

Donald Trump will make amends with the CIA once his handpicked director, Mike Pompeo, takes over the intelligence agency. Until then, Trump’s reported aversion to CIA security briefings will only intensify, following publication of a CIA assessment that Russia meddled in Trump’s favor during the election campaign by hacking Democratic National Committee emails to embarrass Hillary Clinton.

Such intrusion wouldn’t be a first for Russia. In his 2001 memoirs, Anatoly Dobrynin, the Soviet Union’s ambassador to the US under six American presidents, revealed that in 1968, the Soviets offered financing to Democratic presidential candidate Hubert Humphrey in his race against Richard Nixon, a fervent anti-communist. Humphrey, an honest politician, was wise enough to say nyet. That’s history. But the blooming relationship between Trump and Russia’s Vladimir Putin that looks too cozy for comfort is a clear and present concern. In Trump’s worldview, is Russia a global rival? Or does Trump have some clandestine dealings with Russia that could pose a conflict of interest? 

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